About Us


Studio in use

LJHS TV is a cutting edge broadcast and production studio. Our investment in multimedia technology has had a huge impact on school life.  Video editing, film making and recording are now common place in school with many pupils learning useful skills.

We regularly stream live shows around the school and to the Internet, both school events and events for other organisations. Most school shows are written, hosted and run by the students. There are many opportunities available including the use of cameras, sound equipment, vision desks, video editing, script writing, interviewing and presenting.

Live interview at Stormont

Interview at Stormont

Many of the pupils involved have been given opportunities to take part in exciting projects which have had a huge impact on them with many pupils expressing desire to consider a career in media.

LJHS TV has produced programmes for Craigavon Council, Oh Yea Music Centre in Belfast, The Lyric Theatre, The Happenstance Theatre Company. Additionally, LJHS TV has been featured several times on the BBC and has attracted the attention of American schools and universities as well as public radio and television.